40 Free Paranormal Romance Novels

If you fell in love with the tale of Beauty and the Beast when you were a child or devoured the Twilight saga in your early teenage years, you would likely enjoy the more grown-up themes conjured in paranormal romance novels. Paranormal romance usually consists of human becoming attracted to part-human—such as a werewolf, bear-shifter, vampire or even a hot alien. Often times supernatural abilities and forbidden relationships come into play. The paranormal romance subgenre is incredibly diverse, with elements of fantasy, erotic romance, thrillers, and even sci-fi present in these novels.

paranormal romance

For those who love the genre, here are 40 free paranormal romance novels on Kindle.

Free Angel Romance

Free Dark Fairytale-Retellings

Free Dark Fantasy Romance

Free Paranormal Romance

Free Demon Romance

Free Ghost Romance

Free Witch Romance

Free Psychic Romance

  • A Touch of Midnight (The Midnight Breed Series) by Laura Adrian
  • Reborn in Fire (Untamed Elements Book 1) by Kasey Mackenzie
  • Unseen (The Unseen Trilogy, Book 1) by Stephanie Erickson
  • Veiled Eyes (Lake People Book 1) by C.L. Bevill
  • Wraith (Book 1 of Hawaiian Shadows) by Edie Claire

Free Shifter Romance

Free Vampire Romance


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