Top 15 Reading Accessories

If reading is one of your favorite pastimes, why not make the most out of your literary experiences? Whether you’re trying to create a cozy reading nook in your home or annotate your textbooks, these 15 reading accessories include some excellent options that any book lover or student would enjoy.

unicorn bookmark


These adorable unicorn-emblazoned bookmarks come in four different colors to magically mark your place in your book.

reading rulers

2. Reading Rulers

Use these transparent rulers to highlight paragraphs as you read to improve your focus.

sharpie highlighter

3. Highlighters

These bright yellow smear-proof gel highlighters will instantly make your favorite passages stand out on the page.

flexi reading light

4. Clip On Reading Light

This light-weight, flexible LED reading light is more than capable of illuminating your page-turning book all night long.

neck light

5. Neck-Hugging Reading Light

Go hands free with this genius solution for all night owls who simply can’t put their books down.

thumb book holder

6. One-Handed Reading Page Holder

This simple, elegant little tool will let you keep your book wide open with just one hand.

blue blocking reading glasses

7. Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Blue light can strain your eyes and make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night; block out those rays with these stylish glasses.

reading headphones

8. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Enjoy reading in complete peace and quiet with these comfortable, noise-canceling headphones.

reading pillow

9. Reading Pillow

Finally, you can read in bed in total comfort with this hypoallergenic wedge-shaped pillow.

reading blanket

10. A Super-Soft Blanket

This faux-fur blanket is exquisitely soft, fluffy, and warm while still being lightweight and machine washable.

Book triangle

11. Book Triangle

This beautiful hand-made book stand saves your page, has a nook for your galsses and artfully displays your current read in any room of your house.

reading timer

12. Bookmark with Reading Timer

Make sure you don’t get completely lost in your book for hours by using this nifty bookmark with a built-in countdown timer. Kids love this!

book zipper bookmark

13. Zipper Bookmark

These cute novelty bookmarks come in three different colors to help you organize your notes, mark your place in your novel, or highlight a page to review later.

cocoa couriers

14. Amazing Chocolate

Stock up on chocolate from your local store or sign up for a chocolate box subscription from Cocoa Couriers to get a bars of single origin, premium chocolate delivered straight to your door every month!

15. Free Kindle Books

Lastly, if you’re looking for the next great book to settle in with, check out the free Kindle books page to access thousands of titles available for free download directly from the Kindle store!


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