Top 20 Online Pet Stores

Taking care of your dog, cat, or other fur baby requires plenty of trips to the pet store for toys, accessories, snacks, food, and even medications. Save yourself the trip next time and find the best of everything at the best price right from the comfort of your home. Try these top online pet and pet medication stores.

  1. Amazon. Visit the world’s largest e-commerce store to find a great selection of anything you want to buy for your dog, cat, fish or hamster.  From dog chews and cat toys to service animals vests and pet tags, you can find it all here. Plus, get your orders delivered in 48 hours with Amazon Prime.
  2. Walmart. Walmart is a good place to look for deals and anything else you need for your pets. You can buy your groceries together with anything you need for your pets.
  3. Ebay. Buy and sell whatever you need for your fur babies from other people or small businesses. List an item you want to sell or take advantage of the many deals available on Ebay.
  4. Chewy. The biggest, and probably the best online pet store with a huge selection of food, medications, toys, treats and more. Chewy has amazing customer service and you can even call them and place and pay for your order by phone.
  5. 1800 PetMeds. This site allows you to get over-the-counter and RX medications for cats, dogs, and horses at much lower prices than from your Vet. You can shop by pet or condition, or look up the exact medication your vet prescribed. For Rx meds, just enter your Vet’s name and phone number and this site will handle the prescription verification.
  6. PETCO. Shop online in PETCO’s many nationwide stores for food and accessories for your dog, cat, fish, birds, reptiles and small pets like hamsters. PETCO is the shop for accessories or food options that are hard to find. PETCO does not typically have the best prices, but it’s convenient.
  7. PetCareRx. Your certified online pet care pharmacy. Find the medication you need for your pets. Just enter your Vet’s name and phone number and PetCareRx will verify your pet’s prescription, then ship it to you.
  8. Entirely Pets. Entirely Pets is a mega-store for dogs, cats, horse, birds, fish, reptiles and other small pets. Like PETCO, you Entirely Pets has a wide selection of products.
  9. Train Pet Dog. Sign your dog or puppy up for the obedience training. A proven remedy for excessive barking, whining or chewing.
  10. Best Bully Sticks. Buy chews for your dogs that will keep them chewing on amazing flavors. Best Bully Sticks even has a quick set of questions that will help you discover the right chew for your dog.
  11. Only Natural Pet. All natural food for your dog or cat. Simply open the pack of food and add cups of warm water to serve a nutritious meal for your dog or cat.
  12. Wisdom Panel. An insightful DNA test for your dog or cat to understand the breed mix, family tree, health and traits of your pet. Learn more about your fur baby!
  13. Dinner For Dogs. Buy wet food, dry food, snacks, treats, and superfoods for your dog. Natural and nutritious meals.
  14. Cats Play. Cat furniture, wall systems and outdoor adventure, scratch posts, beds, and litterboxes for your purring friend. Build paradise for your cat with Cats Play.
  15. Horse Loverz. From saddles to shoes and bits…this site has everything your horse needs.
  16. Vet Approved Rx. Vet-approved pet medicines, food, and supplies. If your fur baby gets sick, look here.
  17. Pets Warehouse. Everything you can think of for your Aquarium, dog, cat, bird, small pet, and reptile friends. From frozen pet foods to cat litter, get everything you need for your pet to lead a healthy and active life.
  18. Pet Naturals. Guilt-free goodie treats and carefully crafted supplements for your cat or dog. Support with healthy treats and supplements.
  19. Pet Wellbeing. Natural, vet-strength supplements, tasty chewies, and convenient food toppers. Enhance your pet’s diet to achieve wellbeing in their lives.
  20. MyPetDMV. Get your pet an ID license for $14.95. The ID comes with a wallet and three keychain tags.

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