Where to buy Coffee Machines and Espresso Makers Online

Ready for a new coffee machine? Looking to upgrade that espresso maker? You come to the right place to start your purchase research. You’ll find the exact fit for your budget whether is a high-end Moka Master coffee extractor or a reliable Cuisinart coffee. Of course, you can buy a coffee machine on Amazon and a discounted coffee maker on Temu. But when you want to explore the higher-end options for making coffee and grinding beans, here are the best online coffee maker stores:

  1. Seattle Coffee Gear. Seattle Coffee Gear offers semi-auto coffee machines, super auto machines, and grinders. Their coffee machines deliver espresso drinks right in the comfort of your home.
  1. Flair Espresso. Espresso machines that deliver a flavorful cup. All you have to do is push the lever down to get a perfect espresso cup.
  1. L’OR Coffee. Brew the perfect cup of coffee with L’OR coffee machines. L’OR machines are compatible with their own capsules as well as Nespresso Original machine capsules.
  1. Clio Coffee. Clio delivers the taste of “wow”. Buy their coffee brewing machine and coffee pods on subscription or pay as you go if you don’t want to commit to a subscription.
  1. Gaggia. When it comes to Gaggia, think authentic Italian espresso at home. Buy A Gaggia machine to enjoy perfect home-made espressos.
  1. VSSL Gear. VSSL sells more than coffee machine. VSSL has highly portable coffee grinders and coffee brewing machines that money can buy for $190.00.
  1. Sanremo Coffee Machine. Sanremo coffee is an Italian family-owned company that manufactures commercial coffee machines. Though commercial, Sanremo machines will fit in your kitchen.
  1. Lelit. Lelit is a coffee machine for high-performers. Or so they say.
  1. Lamarsa. Lamarsa boasts of having high-quality and durable Italian coffee machines that you will thank for years to come. Buy quality, buy Italian.
  1. Breville. Breville coffee machines deliver a third-wave specialty coffee experience. Breville machines are designed to honor tradition and techniques that are fundamental to third wave specialty coffee. They also offer tutorials on how to make specialty coffee.
  1. La Marzocco. Barista-grade coffee machines and grinders for your home. LA Marzocco machines are available world-wide
  1. Miele. Countertop coffee machines with OneTouch and WIFI technology.
  1. La Marzocco USA. Elevate your kitchen to café status with the Linea Mirca coffee machine. Proper espresso grinders can make or break your espresso preparation. Pair your espresso machine with a grinder to elevate your home espresso set up.
  1. Coffee Machine Depot. Shop from a variety of semi-commercial coffee machines. Coffee Machine Depot claims to have the biggest range of coffee machines in the USA with daily shipping.
  1. L. Hufford. Another variety shopping experience with even more selections at your hands. Shop by brands, espresso machines, or coffee makers.
  1. Clive Coffee. Shop from espresso machines with many filters at your disposal so you can narrow down your options to the machine you prefer.
  1. Majesty Coffee. Majesty Coffee has supplied organizations like NASA, Apple, and Costco with commercial espresso machines.
  1. AeroPress. This is the most portable and affordable coffee maker on this list. Oh, it’s shatterproof too.
  1. Pasquini. Buy New Linea Mini, Mazzer Mini, and Aria coffee machines. Get a free bag of coffee with your first purchase.
  1. Cliff & Pebble. Luca, Rocket, and Lelit Bianca coffee machines are available for order. Grinders and espresso accessories available too.

Ready to brew more flavorful coffee at home with a new coffee machine or espresso maker? Spend the money and enjoy delicious cups of coffee for years to come.

Mocamaster iconic coffee maker

High-End Coffee Maker Brands

When visiting the stores above, you may run into brands you have not heard of before. So here’s a primer on brands that are sought after by coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering options ranging from automated machines to manual, artisanal coffee makers. They represent a blend of style, functionality, and technology, making them standouts in the coffee equipment industry.

  1. Jura – Swiss-made automatic coffee machines known for their quality and durability.
  2. De’Longhi – Italian brand offering a wide range of coffee machines, known for their espresso makers.
  3. Breville – Australian company renowned for their espresso machines that include manual settings for the coffee connoisseur.
  4. Miele – German brand known for their built-in coffee machines that integrate into luxury kitchens.
  5. Gaggia – Italian manufacturer famous for their espresso machines, offering both commercial and home use models.
  6. La Marzocco – Premium Italian espresso machines favored by professional baristas.
  7. Technivorm Moccamaster – Dutch coffee makers known for their quality and the excellent taste of their drip coffee.
  8. Rancilio – Italian brand known for high-quality espresso machines, both for home and commercial use.
  9. Nuova Simonelli – Italian espresso machines that are a staple in many coffee shops around the world.
  10. Saeco – Italian brand that offers a range of automatic espresso machines.
  11. Rocket Espresso – Handmade Italian espresso machines known for their stylish design and professional performance.
  12. Elektra – Italian manufacturer of luxury espresso machines, known for their unique designs.
  13. Faema – Renowned for their innovative and stylish espresso machines, popular in cafes globally.
  14. Bezzera – One of the oldest Italian companies in the espresso machine business, known for reliability.
  15. Lelit – Italian brand that makes professional grade espresso machines for home use.
  16. ECM – German brand that designs espresso machines with attention to detail and craftsmanship.
  17. La Pavoni – Famous for their manual lever espresso machines, offering a traditional espresso making experience.
  18. Slayer – Known for their custom-made espresso machines that allow baristas to fully control the brewing process.
  19. Dalla Corte – Offers professional espresso machines with advanced temperature control.
  20. Victoria Arduino – Historic Italian brand that provides high-quality espresso machines, blending tradition with modern technology.

Widely Available Coffee Maker Brands

If you are more a fan of less expensive coffee makers then you might be interest in coffee makers  for everyday use that provide a good balance of quality, ease of use, and affordability. These coffee maker brands are well-known widely available in stores around the world:

  1. Mr. Coffee – Known for simple, effective, and budget-friendly coffee makers.
  2. Hamilton Beach – Offers a variety of reasonably priced coffee machines with versatile features.
  3. Black+Decker – Known for their durable and affordable coffee appliances.
  4. Cuisinart – Provides a wide range of coffee makers that balance quality with affordability.
  5. Keurig – Popular for their single-serve coffee makers using K-cup pods.
  6. Ninja – Offers innovative coffee machines that combine multiple functions beyond just brewing coffee.
  7. Krups – Known for both their quality and affordable espresso and drip coffee makers.
  8. Bella – Offers trendy and colorful coffee makers at a budget-friendly price.
  9. Capresso – Provides a range of coffee equipment that is affordable yet tends to include some premium features.
  10. Oster – Known for reliable and economically priced coffee brewing products.
  11. Sunbeam – Offers basic coffee making solutions at low costs.
  12. Bodum – Best known for their French presses which are both affordable and stylish.
  13. Zojirushi – Japanese brand known for their coffee makers that include unique features at a moderate price.
  14. Melitta – Offers a range of coffee brewing products including budget-friendly manual drip sets.
  15. Sboly – Provides compact and efficient single-serve coffee makers at a competitive price.
  16. Chulux – Specializes in single-serve coffee makers that are economical and easy to use.
  17. Aicok – Offers basic coffee makers and espresso machines at low prices.
  18. AeroPress – Known for their unique coffee press that delivers excellent coffee rapidly at a low cost.
  19. Presto – Provides unique electric coffee percolators at an affordable price.
  20. Bunn – Known for their fast brewing technology, they offer models that are more accessible than their commercial counterparts.


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