Urban Marriage 101: Accepting Gay Family Members

Urban Marriage 101: Accepting Gay Family Members continue Tulipe Pascere’s the open-hearted books in the Urban Marriage series. It also picks up overarching themes of the books to date. Those include the strains on faith and family bonds when a family member chooses to live authentically.

This brief 42-page Kindle non-fiction book is found in “Gender & Sexuality in Religious Studies.” It includes helpful information and outlines, from a Christian perspective, the seven stages in accepting gay family members. Chapters 1-4 discuss initial “natural man stages,” shock, anger, blame, denial, rejection; and “spiritual man stages,” forgiveness and acceptance.

Chapters 5-7 include two sermons (reprinted from the Urban Marriage fiction series) and testimony about a daughter accepting her parent’s coming out. The sermons may help family members understand how their religious beliefs can actually support true acceptance of the LGTBQ+ community.

The book’s 10 reviews (3.8 avg rating) include these reviewer’s comments:

“Tulipe Pascere, the ‘author’ of this book, is actually the pen name for a mother-daughter writing team, women of faith, who have written this series URBAN MARRIAGE, to date, eighteen volume set of books that address menopause, lesbian newlyweds, moms against gay cults, divorce, the internet dating jungle, and more, including this brief but cogent book ACCEPTNG GAY FAMILY MEMBERS. … seven stages toward acceptance … Each stage is discussed with quotes from the Bible to explain and improve the acceptance of gay family members.” – Reviewed by Grady H

“All in all, I think that this is a valuable point of view for the aimed religious readers. It’s an enlightening and thought provoking read, assisting people in facing and accepting all family realities.” – Reviewed by Nela

“I remember from my time in the church growing up is that as people, we aren’t to judge anyone, even sinners, that’s God’s job. As someone a part of the LGBT+ spectrum, I think Christians have forgotten this. This was a refreshing and enjoyable read.” – Reviewed by Jesse P

Urban Marriage 101 asserts above all the power of acceptance. It acknowledges the feelings, however misaligned with modern mores, of a generation unused to frank discussions of sexual orientation and identity, with the intent that we all might do a little better.

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