Parenting in the Age of TikTok

On average, teenagers send over 100 texts per day and many primarily communicate through social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok. Seeing your tween or teen glued to their phones at all hours of the day can be discouraging, especially if you don’t quite understand the technology your kid uses intuitively. To help you strengthen communication with your teen, author and high school teacher Nicole Rice has written an informative guideline about parenting in the age of social media.


Does your teen TALK? No, but they Text, Snap, & TikTok

With nearly 3 decades of experience as a high-school educator, Nicole Rice has a deep understanding of how teenagers think and communicate. In her classrooms and high-school hallways, Rice has interacted with students to collect information for this book, including true hallway stories and actual quotes from teens. The most important thing for parents to realize is that teenagers do want to have conversations and form stronger relationships with them! If they don’t engage with you or cut conversations short, the issue likely lies in poor communication.

Rice’s educational background includes a degree in communication, which she applies throughout the chapters of this guide. As you read through each section, you’ll begin to learn:

  • What to say and what not to say to encourage your teen to talk more
  • What you can do to spend more time with your teen
  • How to talk less and listen more effectively
  • Relevant questions and topics to discuss with your teenager
  • About “the coded language” of teens

All parents, caretakers, and teachers want to see confident and happy teenagers, but the technological divide makes this particularly difficult. After reading this book, you’ll finally be able to understand your teen better and start improving your relationship with them right away!

Reader Reviews for “Does Your Teen Talk”

There are plenty of 5-star reviews on Amazon from parents and grandparents about Rice’s insightful book. Just a few words of praise include:

  • “I really enjoyed reading this book on improving your teen/parent relationships. Best take away advice: Listen more & Talk less. As parents we forget that we also fall into bad habits and are just too busy! Thank you for the gentle reminders on how to do things better and be more effective.” – Christine
  • “If you’re a parent of a teen, this is a must-have! The book is packed with very helpful tips for connecting with your teen! I think this book is great for Grandparents and teachers as well. Well written, great examples!” – Lori
  • “As a Grandparent of teens and ‘soon to be teens’ this book was very helpful for me. As teens don’t think the same way they did way back in my day, I found this book full of helpful thoughts and insights to help me relate better with them. Can’t wait to read more books from this author!” – Tom


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