How to Overcome Anger, Anxiety, Depression and Phobias with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What is CBT? For those unfamiliar, CBT (also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a highly effective therapeutic process that aims to help people change their thinking patterns by recognizing harmful or self-limiting thoughts. CBT has been proven to be successful in treating individuals with a range of conditions, such as addiction, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, and more. If you want to improve the way you think and experience the world, CBT might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Author Tara Wilson, a professional life coach and businesswoman with over a decade of experience, has developed workbooks geared for people of all ages who want to try CBT. Wilson’s lifelong passion of helping others live their best lives has led her to develop key tools, exercises, and tips for people who are struggling to reach their personal and professional goals.

CBT Workbook for Kids

What people experience during childhood can have lifelong impacts, so it’s crucial for parents to take their kids’ feelings seriously. Conditions like PTSD, OCD, ADHD, and anxiety can wreak havoc on a young mind. The sooner children are helped and given the tools they need to manage their emotions, the sooner they’ll build resilience, gain confidence, and become more passionate about life.

This workbook offers proven techniques and exercises to help children learn to manage anxiety, depression and other emotional Issues. The book has valuable information for parents, as well as worksheets and activities for kids. The CBT Workbook for Kids teaches children to build awareness of their thoughts and use specific tools to change the way they think for the better. Parents can expect to see real change in their children’s lives.


CBT Workbook for Teens

Being a teenager is not easy, and it can be especially challenging for teens struggling with mental illness, anger, anxiety, irrational fears or trauma. Teens are often told that they’re being “too dramatic,” or that they need to “toughen up” if they try to talk about these things, so many young adults choose to suffer in silence instead.

This groundbreaking CBT workbook shatters the idea that teenagers need to “get over it” or “grow up.” Instead, teens are given practical advice, exercises, and resources to help them recognize the thoughts that are holding them back in their lives. Going through the book will give teens coping skills and a renewed sense of confidence as they begin to understand how the way they think impacts their emotions, behaviors, and actions.


CBT Workbook for Adults

It’s estimated that 25% of adults in the US will be diagnosed with a mental illness at some point in their lives, and yet there still seems to be a taboo when it comes to talking about mental health. People are quick to say that they’re fine when others ask them, but millions of these individuals are struggling with conditions like depression, anxiety, OCD, panic attacks or eating disorders behind the scenes.

The basic idea of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is that your thoughts influence your feelings, which in turn impact your behaviors, actions, and eventually, your habits. If you’ve been stuck in a negative thought cycle, CBT can help you become aware of how these thoughts are affecting your life. Once you are aware of your thought patterns, you can take action to break them and change the way you think. This workbook is an illuminating resource that can help you get on the right track to a better, healthier mindset.


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