Discounted Kids and Early Learning Books

Do you have a child who is eager to learn and always curious? Kids’ books are a great way to teach your child simple and yet important skills.

If you are looking to buy kids’ books, has the right price on a number of solid choices. Let’s look at a few:


12pcs Pete the Cat I Can Read Phonics Learning Book

Each of the short stories in this collection is intended to help children learn to read while having fun with Pete the Cat. Children learn the connection between letters and sounds through phonics. These connections give a youngster a strong foundation for reading and spelling. $8.48 on Temu.


100 English Words Learning Books for Kids

These books come in great sizes for kids and are great for beginners. They offer amazing stories with pictures. $4.48 on Temu.


80 pages / Children’s Handwriting Book for Addition and Subtraction Learning

This comprehensive workbook features fun and engaging activities based on counting . $3.88 on Temu.



12 Books/Set I Can Read Phonics English Words Learning Books

The I Can Read Phonics series helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language. $5.94 on Temu.


Magic Word Book for Kids

Young writers may apply these concepts to their own works of art with the aid of the activities, questions, and simple rules of thumb in this book. $6.98 on Temu.


80 pages/books Handwritten Arithmetic Exercise Books

Handwritten arithmetic exercise books notebooks adding and subtracting students’ arithmetic and mental arithmetic exercises. Helps little ones build early math skills and familiarity with numbers and simple numerical structures. $3.88 on Temu.


4 Books+ 1 Pen+6 Refills+1 Pen Grip Set Magic Groovd Copybook For Kids

Children Magic Copybook Develops important skills and assists your child in learning the alphabet, numbers, and images on each page. Children’s magic practice copybooks are useful for enhancing their fine motor and hand-eye coordination abilities. $5.97 on Temu.


12 Books/set I Can Read Phonics Little Critters

Short and long vowel sounds are used throughout the short stories, which are chock full of amusing Little Critter antics. Each of the short stories in this collection is intended to help kids learn to read as they enjoy Little Critter. $8.98 on Temu.


English Reading Passages Exercise Practice Book

You will find activities to practice your reading skills. Reading will help you to improve your understanding of the language and build your vocabulary. It aims to help kids develop the knowledge, skills and strategies they must possess to become proficient and independent readers who read with meaning. $7.48 on Temu.


20 Famous Farmyard Tales Picture Books for Kids

This delightful book series contains all 20 of the popular Farmyard Tales stories. Young children will love the charming illustrations of life on Apple Tree Farm, and the gently amusing stories of Mrs. Boot, the farmer, her children Poppy and Sam, and their animals, Rusty the dog, Curly the pig and Woolly the sheep. $17.48 on Temu.


A Full Set Of 60 Volumes Of Children’s English Graded Reading Preparation Level English Picture Books

This books provide the opportunity to acquire critical reading comprehension abilities without having to use their energy on first trying to grasp the words on the page. The narrative is told just as well through graphics as it is through words, which is ideal for assisting struggling readers in improving comprehension. $18.98 on Temu.


10pcs English Learning Book Viewing Charts for Children

These reading logs include information that you may use to keep tabs on their reading progress, including the date, time, and title of the book they are now reading. $8.48 on Temu.


12pcs/set I Can Read Phonics Meet Fancy Nancy

With I Can Read Phonics, explore the world of reading! Fancy Nancy’s engaging attitude and the full-color pictures in this collection of twelve mini-books make it fun for both parents and kids to acquire important emerging reading skills. Phonics teaches children the relationship between letters and the sounds they make. $7.98 on Temu.

12 books/set I Can Read Phonics Meet Biscuit

Welcome to Biscuit’s world, the little yellow puppy that never gets enough cuddles! The naughty antics of Biscuit, the engaging tale, and the straightforward illustrations make his novels a good option for beginning readers. $6.98 on Temu


Magical Water Painting Book Creator

Painting the pictures in the Magical Water Painting Book with the attached water-filled brush brings them to vivid life! The colour on the paper fades as the water dries, allowing you endless painting possibilities! $1.98 on Temu.


10 Environmentally Friendly Children’s Painting Books

Develop your kids drawing skills with this animal drawing book that features rounded corner designs. $3.98 on Temu.

I Can Read Phonics Pinkalicious

I can read Pinkalicious Phonics books are good for kids with amazing photos and vowels more compact than common standard books. $7.98 on Temu.



12pcs Watercolor Coloring Book for Kids

Excellent photos and comes with built-in paint pens for fun and creative drawing. $1.98 on Temu.


12 Books/set I Can Read Phonics Books

Berenstain bears English picture story pocket book for children. $6.98 on Temu


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