Amazon Websites Around the World

Amazon websites Around the World

“Does Amazon have a shopping website in every country around the globe?”

It’s a common question, and the answer is no.

Amazon does not have a designated website in every country. The eCommerce giant decided years back to serve the top 20 countries (ranked by GDP) with country specific shopping sites. And, recently they have added a couple of other country sites. Furthermore, Amazon has a new global site created specifically for international buyers who speak English or Spanish.

Every Amazon Website by Region

Here is a list of all of Amazon’s international sites, where you can find country-specific products, or have items delivered specifically to that country. Not all of the sites offer Kindle Books, but we have noted those that do.

Country or Region Language(s) URL Kindle Store
Australia English Y
Austria German, English N
Brazil Portuguese Y
Canada English, French Y
China Standard Chinese Y
Czech Republic Czech N
European Union English N
Egypt English, Arabic N
France French Y
Germany German, English Y
Global English, Spanish N
India English Y
Italy Italian Y
Japan Japanese, English Chinese Y
Kuwait English, Arabic N
Mexico Spanish Y
Netherlands Dutch Y
Poland Polish N
Saudi Arabia English, Arabic N
Singapore English N
Spain Spanish Y
Turkey Turkish N
UAE English, Arabic N
United Kingdom English Y
United States English, Spanish Y

What is Amazon Global?

The Amazon Global Store makes it easy for customers around the world to find international products without navigating away from This simplified international site offers a broad range of items from around the globe while still offering the fast shipping and convenience you expect from Amazon. All customs fees and taxes are included in the cost of each item, and shoppers may buy from several retailers outside of the US.

How to Shop International Amazon Sites

In most cases, you can use your current login information to access Amazon country specific websites. If you live in the US and want to browse Germany’s Amazon site, for example, you should still be able to use your current Amazon account info to log on to Germany’s store. Simply click “Login with Amazon” on any international site and begin shopping!

The only exceptions to this rule include the Japanese and Chinese Amazon sites. If you don’t live in these regions and want to browse their Amazon stores, you will have to create a new Amazon account by completing the following steps:

  • Click the relevant link in the table above.
  • Switch to the language you prefer.
  • Select “Sign In,” and then hit “Create Account.”
  • Fill out your information to complete your profile.

Happy browsing!


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