BookSliced Frequently Asked Questions

Is BookSliced free?

Yes, BookSliced is free to use!

Do I have to create a BookSliced account?

No, you do not have to create a BookSliced account. However, you must be registered to create price alerts and follow a list of books or authors.

Why am I not receiving emails from BookSliced?

The emails that BookSliced sends you are probably going to your spam folder or being blocked by your email provider. Follow the instructions to whitelist BookSliced with your email provider.

Do you only show free books and prices for Amazon Kindle and Apple Books?

Yes, we currently only show price changes for Amazon Kindle and Apple Books. Even if you do not own a Kindle you can read Kindle books on an iPhone, iPad, laptop, or Android device. Learn more about How to Read Kindle Books Without a Kindle.

Can I read ebooks without a Kindle?

Yes! You can read Kindle books on a Kindle, smartphone, tablet, or even in your web browser. Learn more about How to Read Kindle Books Without a Kindle. Apple Books can currently only be read on a Mac or iOS device.

Why is BookSliced showing a different price than Amazon/Apple?

Sometimes there is a delay before BookSliced will reflect an updated price from Amazon/Apple. On each book page we list the last time we were able to verify the price, but unfortunately our price will occasionally be different from what you see on Amazon/Apple. Please double-check the Amazon/Apple price before making any purchases as that will govern the sale of the product.

What does it mean to follow an author?

If you are following an author you will receive a notification (via email and in the BookSliced sidebar) each time a book from that author goes on sale.

A book is missing from My Alerts. Where did it go?

Sometimes books are removed from Amazon/Apple. If this happens we can no longer track the book and are forced to remove it from My Alerts.

How do I contact BookSliced?

For questions, comments, bug reports, media inquiries, or anything else, head over to our contact page! We'll try out best to respond within a couple hours.