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The Booksliced team understands and appreciates the hard work authors put into creating high-quality products for their readers while continuing to maintain affordable prices.

That’s why we are proud to introduce our new author advertising packages that won’t break the bank.

Connect with fans, reach new audiences, and sell more books with our diverse ad packages that start at only $5.00 per week. Maximize your marketing results with us for only a “slice” of the typical price tag.

To Purchase Ads

To purchase an ad package use our contact form and let us know what ad package(s) you want, a link to your book you want to feature, and the date (must be a sunday) that you want your featured ad to run on. We will be back in touch with you shortly.


Price Sliced: $5.00 per week, per book

Promote your book with our Price Sliced package, which lands you a weeklong run on our new “Featured Books” page. This is the perfect way to advertise your new release, discounted deal, or desired title in front of an average 988 visitors, that view 7600 pages per month. The basic Price Sliced promotion includes:

  • Book cover
  • Book description/synopsis
  • Price
  • Direct purchase buttons for distributors Amazon and iBooks.

Social Sliced: $5 per week, per book

This package includes an entire week of daily social media blasts that get your title in front of’s online followers:

  • Facebook - 4469 followers
  • Twitter - 859 followers

* Price Sliced and Social Sliced packages run for seven days, from Sunday-Sunday, notice that start and stop time cannot be guaranteed. Limited availability per week.

The Double Sliced: $40.00

Create lasting value with our Double Sliced promotion, which includes a weeklong feature, weeklong social media blasts, and an author article that will be featured permanently on our “Author Talks” page. Written and submitted by the author, you can discuss writerly inspirations, elements of craft, or other details readers would love to know about the creator of their favorite books. Our Double Sliced package is the perfect way to connect with your audience and share details about your writing process with your fans. Price Includes:

  • Weeklong ad on our “Featured Books” page
  • Weeklong run of daily social media blasts of your “Featured Book”
  • Permanent author-submitted article on our “Author Talks” page, which you can share as often as you’d like for as long as you’d like. Your article cna include, one do follow link back to your personal website and a link to one purchasable book.

* Featured Books and Social Media Blasts run for seven full days, from Sunday-Sunday. Notice that start and stop times cannot be guaranteed