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Alfred's Basic Prep Course, Levels A through F, was written to answer a demand for a course of piano study designed specifically for students who are five years old and up. This course... Read more >>

(102) - Price updated 5 months ago

Complete Level 1 is a faster-paced version of Levels 1A and 1B that gets to staff reading more quickly. Perfect for a student who is 8 or older, or for a younger beginner with great musical... Read more >>

(56) - Price updated 3 months ago

Popular Christmas carols are arranged in graded order with optional duet parts to provide pleasure and satisfaction during the Christmas season for students using Alfred's Basic Adult Piano... Read more >>

(22) - Price updated 3 weeks ago

This series introduces chords more quickly than in the regular Alfred's Basic Piano Library. It is perfect for students age 10 and up whose hands are strong enough to play 3-note chords. By... Read more >>

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These books are an important resource for piano students, including those preparing for National Guild Auditions. Technical ease in playing scales and chords is logically developed through a... Read more >>

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This Teacher's Handbook is designed to be used when teaching Levels 1 and 2 of Alfred's Basic Group Piano Course. This unique method was designed specifically for young students who are... Read more >>

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