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(91) - Price updated 1 year ago

A new series sure to please the pickiest fantasy readers…” Anne B. for Readers Favorite If you love fiction and are looking for Epic Fantasy, the Chest of Souls overflows with a... Read more >>

(26) - Price updated 2 years ago

In the tatted lace of legend, there were Five Creators: The Tree: Ammon of Rozan-Steading The Pillar: Jaydren of Stones Fist The Keeper: Soline the Water-witch The Weaver: Revaya the... Read more >>

(17) - Price updated 4 years ago

The final battle for the souls of men has come. Brenna is isolated. Courtesy of Nez, the ruler of Sogo, she now has a Temis Belt to accompany the Suque he infected her with. As a result... Read more >>

(16) - Price updated 4 years ago

Brenna yearns for Talon’s love, but knows he sees her as a child. She’s determined to change that before her parents keep their word to take her away where Talon will never find her. ... Read more >>

(9) - Price updated 4 years ago

After powering the Chest of Souls, Brenna’s made her choice and it isn’t Talon. Her plan is to save as many lives as she can before Sogo falls. Logic rules her days and remorse rules... Read more >>

(5) - Price updated 4 years ago

After millennia’s of being taught to hate, can the Five most powerful Macshara in the world find a way to reach the free land without killing each other? Soline is the most feared of the... Read more >>

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