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Barry K Nelson: First Time Author Journey

May 18th, 2016

I've always had a good talent for writing. One of those things that comes natural for some people. Some people are natural born athletes. I was born a writer. Although my deepest regret is not following up on this when I was younger. If I did then at this stage I'd probably be concluding my McKenzie Files science fiction series, which I plan to run into thirty books. A lot of you are probably saying to yourselves wow. Thirty books in a series? That's quite ambitious. Especially at my age, 56. But I think that I can get the job done.

My McKenzie Files series is growing in popularity. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the series McKenzie Files deals with the adventures of main character Colin McKenzie and his two companions. Diane Christy and Kelly Lytton, as they used their super powers to defend the human race against evil super humans and alien threats. The series is based several centuries in a future where humans had to abandon Earth after a viral outbreak and search for a new home in deep space. Over the years they establish an empire of colony worlds. Combining a future with space travel and characters with super powers you can think of McKenzie Files as a cross between X-Men and Star Trek. Colin, being dark and moody, is the leader of the team. Taking enemies down with his electrical powers. Diane, with her super human strength, adds the element of brute force. Kelly, the youngest member of the team wields fire. Getting the first McKenzie Files book published was a challenge.

About Barry K Nelson

As with any first time author I received my share of rejections until I was fortunate to land my first publishing contract with an indie publishing house in California called Leucrota Press. Leucrota closed it's doors in 2011 and I was forced to find a new home for McKenzie Files, which I did in the form of Penumbra Publishing in Tennessee. From there my series grew to three books. McKenzie Files Book One, The McKenzie Files Book 2: Assassination Anxiety and The McKenzie Files, Book 3: Obliteration. I'm currently working on the fourth installment titled, Maximum Deevor. Named after the main villain in this story. I'm hoping that my readers will stay with my series to see Colin, Diane, and Kelly through twenty six more books to come.

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