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REVISED AND UPDATED EDITION Discover the Truth He Wants You to Know   The man in your life carries important feelings so deep inside he barely knows they’re there, much less how to talk... Read more >>

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REVISED AND UPDATED EDITION “Shaunti and Jeff have unearthed a treasure chest of insights—eye-opening and life-changing.” —Andy Stanley, senior pastor, North Point Community Church... Read more >>

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“Where does ‘highly happy’ come from—and can we have some too?!”   Have you ever looked at a blissfully married couple and thought, I wish I could know their secret? Now you can.... Read more >>

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What Happens When Women See What Men See?     You already know that your husband, boyfriend, or son is wired differently from you, but do you know what that really means? It means, among... Read more >>

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Unlock the Male Mystery Guys will be guys. And now girls can know what that means! For Young Women Only dives into the mysterious inner-workings of the teenage male mind so that you can... Read more >>