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“Reading [Kenneth C. Davis] is like returning to the classroom of the best teacher you ever had.” —People Revised, updated, and expanded, the Twentieth Anniversary Edition of Kenneth... Read more >>

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With wit, wisdom, and an extraordinary talent for turning dry, difficult reading into colorful and realistic accounts, the creator of the bestselling Don't Know Much About®, series now... Read more >>

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“Highly informative and entertaining…propels the reader light years beyond dull textbooks and Gone with the Wind.” —San Francisco Chronicle It has been 150 years since the opening... Read more >>

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Don't Know Much About Geography by New York Times bestselling author Kenneth C. Davis is a fascinating and fun exploration of our planet.   Geography is the hub from which other disciplines... Read more >>

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The latest installment in the New York Times bestselling Don't Know Much About® series -- a magical journey into the timeless world of mythology It has been fifteen years since Kenneth C.... Read more >>

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Who dug those canals on Mars? What was the biblical Star of Bethlehem? Were the pyramids built by extraterrestrials? From the ancients who charted the heavens to Star Trek, The X-Files, and... Read more >>

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In his wildly entertaining, winningly irreverent, New York Times bestselling Don't Know Much About® series, author Kenneth C. Davis has amused and edified us with fascinating facts about... Read more >>