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(1423) - Price updated 3 months ago

Learn to communicate best when it matters most; 16 exclusive videos demonstrating crucial conversation techniques show you how! The classic guide to conversing in high-impact situations... Read more >>

(1421) - Price updated 2 months ago

The first edition of Crucial Conversations exploded onto the scene and revolutionized the way millions of people communicate when stakes are high. This new edition gives you the tools to: ... Read more >>

(184) - Price updated 5 months ago

Hold anyone accountable. Master performance discussions. Get RESULTS. Broken promises, missed deadlines, poor behavior--they don't just make others' lives miserable; they can sap up to 50... Read more >>

(158) - Price updated 6 months ago

A stunning new approach to how individuals can not only change their lives for the better in the workplace, but also their lives away from the office, including (but not limited to) finding... Read more >>

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