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It’s an age of accelerated information and information overload. The rate and way in which we receive information has changed dramatically: from newspapers and radio and a few nightly news... Read more >>

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There is a new reality for mothers in the 21st century-it's a different world with different goals than it was even a generation ago. As little girls, today's moms didn't grow up with ONLY... Read more >>

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There are lots of questions we must ask ourselves when we talk about violence, and our role in perpetuating it or in creating peace. Why are we, as Christians, more comfortable with violence... Read more >>

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Twentysomethings today are redefining what this decade means and what making a positive contribution to society looks like. One reality is today's economy - you may find yourself a recent... Read more >>

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Millions of children are not fulfilling their God-given potential in many of our nation's classrooms. Their potential and purpose is being left on the floor of classrooms in many low-income... Read more >>

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Remember when all you needed was a cool business card for cocktail parties? Now social status is determined in a hundred ways that all come with their own pressures-how many Twitter... Read more >>

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Job changes. Restructures. A waning passion. Retirement. A new 'norm' for length at any job. All of these, and more, lead us to wonder about the legacy we are leaving  this world. Are we... Read more >>

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Caring for orphans makes grace touchable. When Christians choose to adopt, foster, mentor or support care for orphans around the world, it reveals God's true character to the world like... Read more >>

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