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(117) - Price updated 10 months ago

Break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand bits through the use of colors and the limit of texts. This is the secret to encourage a young child to love learning. Images represent... Read more >>

(110) - Price updated 2 months ago

While some parents think that phonics come naturally, a little push will still be welcome. Phonics is a step towards reading and spelling through listening. It will be impossible to spell if... Read more >>

(104) - Price updated 4 months ago

Brilliant, bold and effective - this alphabet book makes a fitting introduction to the letters. Each letter is accompanied by a colored image to make learning more engaging. This way, your... Read more >>

(104) - Price updated 10 months ago

It's always a pleasant and calming feeling to look up at stars. But you can turn that feeling into one of learning through this picture book of constellations. Here, your child will be... Read more >>